Enthusiastic Rock Music - by nerds, for everybody. Hell Yeah.


Take a show choir reject who was never cool enough for punk rock, throw him a rockabilly axe and have him cash in on all the poetry classes. Take an east coast jazz legend and tell him to lay off the diminished chording and step up the distortion. Take a comic-book drawing Level 5 Dungeoneer and give him +2 Charisma and +5 Vocalwork. Take a civil war reenacting drum geek and sit him down behind a proper kit. What do these nerds come up with? Sixteen tracks of total badassery. Theatricality without pretense. Virtuosic musicianship somehow stuffed into catchy rock anthems. From the vocal layer cake of "Overture" to the swarthy theatrepunk epic of "A Pirate's Shanty" to the tender bedroom acoustic spaz-ballads of "Asskickers' Union" and "the Scientist" to the incomparable bass solo finale of "the Devil and Davey Munch", Countless Thousands attempt to capture the nature of enthusiasm in its many different faces and facets. Listening the Thousands is listening to four guys who genuinely love doing what they do. If you look for music that will make you glad that you care about music, then you've come to the right place. We really are just really excited to be here. And we know you are, too.